Burpman Corporation Productions (BCP)


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What is BCP?

BCP - Burpman Corporation Productions - is the name under which a group of friends (Marc, Nils, Duncan, Niklas, James and others) have published various comics and magazines. The name is taken from their first character - the “Burpman” - who has starred in many of their comics. The Burpman was created in the early 90's and has since appeared in several BCP products including:

The Circle of Life 1 - 3 (and associated upgrades)
A comic, maze-like death-trap for the Burpman's enemy, Hühni.
1996 - 1997
Mental Mix magazine, issues 1 - 14
An off-the-wall pupil's magazine featuring comics, puzzles, quizzes and much more.
1997 - 1998